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Jeremy DiPietrantonio

JD (Jeremy DiPietrantonio) has been a Professional Certified Personal Trainer since the age of 18.  His personal experience with athletics and fitness competitions and his keen sense of people has allowed him to excel as a trainer. JD's involvement with fitness dates back to his adolescence where he spent most days playing competitive soccer and weight lifting. Now competing as a natural body builder, he is aspiring to earn is Pro Card with the INBF (International Natural Body Building Federation).


JD Athletics Personal Training Co. originated in Vancouver and was relocated to Parksville in 2009. JD has trained and worked with a variety of people, from athletes to novice trainees.  His deep passion for fitness and his personal goal to help others succeed has enabled him to become one of the busiest Personal Trainers on Vancouver Island. JD's approach is based on cutting edge industry techniques and he continues to update his education year round. JD holds current certifications through BCRPA, ISSA, First Responder Level 3, CPR C, and is a competitive Natural Athlete with the INBF. He also is a Professionally Certified Fire Fighter.

"My clients' fitness goals become my goals. I love what I do and I'm a big believer in keeping workouts Innovative, fun, and intense!  Most of all I believe in my clients, and I believe that following well designed exercise regimes will help attain positive healthy outcomes!"



Chloe Elston has been a part of the fitness world for over 10 years by being an athlete and a coach. She excelled in high school playing basketball and fastball and coaching basketball teams to championships. Her own experience in sport allows her to use that knowledge and proficiency, along with the knowledge she gained from attaining her ISSA Personal Training Certification, to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Outside of personal training, she is a volunteer firefighter and nationally certified baseball umpire.

"My goal is to motivate, educate, and assist clients in reaching their fitness goals. I also want to support them on their journey into leading a happier and healthier lifestyle. I have a passion for helping others and I do that by putting all of my effort into each training session and genuinely caring for my clients and their well being."



Brendan Campbell has participated in sports and fitness since he was 6 years old. Brendan is certified through ISSA and has his level C first aid. Brendan is looking to continue his education in the fitness industry. His approach to training is all about enjoying the workout and allowing it to help you achieve your goals in or out of the gym.

“I’m a big believer on how training can positively effect your life. It’s worked for me and I’d love to show how it can work for my clients. I’m passionate in this field and it’ll show by how much I put into each and every session. It’s time to show people how fitness can positively impact their life no matter what their age or fitness level.”






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