We build great relationships with our clients

I've been extremely fortunate to train with JD Athletics for the last 6 years. JD always greets me with an enthusiastic smile sharing his sense of humour with some joke or comment so lame you burst out laughing.
You feel ready to, in his words, "rock and roll".
You know it's going to be fun, despite the challenging work-out to come. Out on the gym floor JD's undivided attention to correct form keeps you safe while optimizing the physical benefit of each activity.
His 'Popeye' muscles show that he walks the walk - he knows his physiology and keep sessions varied. There's no way I'd be as strong as I am today without his expertise and words of encouragement. I look forward to our workouts every time. 

High five, JD!

~ Vicki N

When I decided to get a trainer JD was highly recommended. I felt that my main goals were to maintain the strength I had and possibly improve. Hopefully with out injury. I have exceeded these goals and have actually gained a stronger golf swing and improved balance. JD has always listened to my concerns and encouraged my progress. I can strongly recommend his service with no reservations. I had no experience with a gym when we started so definitely thumbs up.

~ Pat.  R.N

Four months ago, I gained a new lease on life at Jim's Gym when I engaged the JD Athletics personal training company. During the past nine years I've had a on my shoulder, hip, knee,and spine. They were all very successful, however left me in poor physical shape, aerobic condition and overweight to add to the misery.

Jeremy (JD) very carefully assessed my condition and planned a program that met my needs. He went at a pace that I was comfortable with and before I even knew it I was looking and feeling so much better. I was encouraged to do more and more to push myself to new limits. 

That one-hour has become so much more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. I look and feel stronger and so much more energized. Oh and one more thing.. No More Pain!

So if you feel too tired and out of condition.. I say, get off the couch and do it! 

It's hard at first but as you ease into it you'll realize it is so worth it, I promise!

~Maxine MacLean