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Our Mission as Fitness Professionals

is to Serve You, Clients & Members of our Community with a Magnitude of Health & Wellness practices.

We specialize in Fitness Assessments, Individualized Exercise Programs, Nutrition Guidance, Health & Wellness Coaching, & much more.

Our Consultation process highlights the Complete Wellness Spectrum, Striving for Optimum Fitness in All areas of Your Life.

The Fit Life approach is based on throughout Individual Assessment Techniques & Continuing Education Practices. 

Our Passion for Health and Exercise & Collective Motive to Help others Succeed has enabled us to Excel in the Profession of Fitness & Health Coaching!

We are Passionate about our work & Undoubtedly Committed to You!

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Jeremy DiPietrantonio

JD (Jeremy DiPietrantonio) happily committed his working life to the Health and Fitness Industry at a young age. Spending countless hours in gyms from age 14 on, he’s been involved and exceeded in the Fitness Industry in many ways.

JD has been a Personal Trainer with multiple International Certifications since 18. He continues his education by conducting and or attending various Health, Fitness, and Wellness related workshops/ courses year-round while successfully operating his Personal Training Company exclusively for Jim’s Gym in Parksville, Vancouver Island.

He’s an advocate for drug and steroid free weight lifting and has competed placing runner up in Western Canada as an All-Natural Bodybuilder.

As well JD is a Professionally accredited Fire Fighter with 10+ years in the Service.  

“My clients’ Health and Fitness goals become my goals and I am undoubtedly committed through the process of obtaining them! I love what I do and I’m very thankful and grateful for the business we have! I believe in pursuing a career that is soulfully fulfilling, and living a life of Never-Ending Personal Growth and Contribution...”


Tianna Lawrence

Tianna Lawrence is a professional who strives for excellence in which ever it is she chooses to do. She's knowledgeable and experienced in many fields, but her main passion and area of interest has always been Health and Fitness. Certified as a Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association, Tianna truly practices what she teaches, living a life of committed health and wellness everyday. She continues to stay on the leading edge of Fitness whether it be through continuing her education by taking courses, attending various workshops, or experimenting with her own workouts keeping the fresh and unique. Studying subjects of Biology, Physiology, and Nutrition has left her with deep insights and a strive for contribution in helping coach others. Tianna is excited and looking forward to working with you as your own Personal Fitness and Health Coach!

"My goal is for clients to feel happy and accomplished in both life and fitness. My passion for fitness and wellness is deep rooted and I encourage everyone and anyone to give it a try. I can't wait to help with every step that I can."


Craig Fairweather

Craig Fairweather has been consistently active in the fitness industry for over 30 years, which has varied from team sports, strength training, to yoga. He is now retired from his business life and has begun to eagerly pursue his passion to guide people to safely enhance their lifestyle and to reach realistic health and fitness goals that are right for them. To guide them towards A New path or to reaffirm the path they are on, to be a happier, healthier individual. 

Craig's primary goal would be design personal programs that his clients would enjoy and stay motivated doing, with an emphasis on correcting posture and muscle imbalances, as well as maintaining balance and flexibility. He has a strong desire to stay current, and to continue to learn as much as possible with anything pertaining to overall health and fitness. One of his specialty certifications as an older adult Fitness leader would be to add years of Independent living to the older adult. 

"I have been involved with yoga for over 10 years now and have come to the realization of the importance of integrating the many aspects of fitness with the yoga philosophy of mindful movement, awareness of one's body, and listening to your inner intelligence with compassion to what it is telling you. My purpose would be to bring a more holistic approach to reach my clients needs."


Nutrition Consultation and Meal Plan

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive Nutrition Consultation and Meal Plan to new and existing clients.  The Fit Life Nutrition Consultation consists of the following:  

  • One hour, one-on-one Healthy Eating Consultation, which includes full information on how your body utilizes food groups and calories throughout the day.  The Consultation will thoroughly explain how to increase your metabolism, burn more calories at a resting heart rate, and help regulate hormone levels in your body.  All without completely changing your current eating routine!
  • Full Personalized Meal Plan, where a tailored Meal Plan is designed specific to the client's needs, goals, and current lifestyle
  • Continuous Monitoring -- the progress doesn't stop after the plan is created.  We constantly stay in contact with our clients, making sure their goals are being met.

The full Nutrition Package & Plan is only $199 + Gst.



Book Your Free initial Personal Training consultation with JD ATHLETICS now by contacting us toady.

In this consultation we sit down to get a chance to meet and discuss challenges you may be facing with your health and fitness. We then discuss the comprehensive assessment, and outline the steps we'll take to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our carefully designed structured programs are created for you and only you. We're confident you will leave the initial training package feeling confident and knowing how to progress with exercise the healthy and safe way

Better yet, see us in person!

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